Christianity’s Point of View on Masturbation

Among the religions around the world there has been, and still is, some controversy because their views vary so much it is hard to tell who is right and who is wrong? Some see it as sinful and some see it as a detrimental practice for the ones spirit.


Hebrew and Christian Bibles are most certainly silent on the subject of masturbation.

Catholic teachings says that masturbation is absolutely morally wrong and a serious disorderly act. Once upon a time they used to say that one would go to hell if you ever masturbated. If that were true then I’m sure the whole world would go to hell in the afterlife.

Protestantism around the middle of the 20th century started to revise previous teachings and these days some take pro-masturbation views. There are a few who still think that masturbation is an act of self-indulgence and even a sin on the flesh, and the reason for that is because it is seen as an invitation to lust!


Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the ‘Seventh-day Advent Church’, warned followers to refrain from indulging themselves in overly-stimulating foods, sex and masturbation which she often referred to a ‘solitary vice’. She claimed she had the foresight and her visions were of disfigured human beings and that the consequences of masturbation were serious, that it would destroy your life and even possibly prevent one’s access to heaven. Ellen G. White claimed that sinners of masturbation would as a result become sick and stated that adults could even lose their lives prematurely because of it!

Lutheran Church:

The Lutheran Church’s view on are a little more positive regarding masturbation. They say that if a person is in a mutual loving and committed relationship in marriage they won’t need to masturbate as it evaluates the practice. The Creator’s intention for our sexual organs was to share it in a loving marital relationship, not to abuse ourselves. They say that “Chronic masturbation falls short of the Creator’s intention for our use of sexuality”, and that we should “Orientate ourselves towards closeness with another person in complete harmony”.

Latter-day Saints

The twelfth President of the Latter-day Saints strongly advised the Saints (Mormons) to abstain from these activities before going on a mission, proceeding and accepting the holy priesthood or even leaving to go to their temples for blessings. His direction taught that masturbation was of course slavery to the skin not the mastery of it, not the expansion and development into godliness which is our prime objective in life. He said that “Masturbation… is not allowed of the Lord of Jesus nor His Church or anyone else, no matter what may be said by anyone whose norms are considerably lower!”

Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe masturbation is greedy, unclean and that the practice goes on to sexual promiscuity and possibly even homosexuality!

So as you can see masturbation is most definitely frowned upon!