Herbal Sex Pills for Erectile Dysfunction

Today, a large number of men are suffering from impotence. It is characterized as unable to get erection. The health condition is embarrassing. If you want to get rid of the problem, it is essential to know the reasons of the health condition.


Advanced Age

This is one of the most common reasons of erectile dysfunction. When men grow older, they may likely to suffer from various diseases like heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus that are associated with impotence. Aging decreases the compliance of the tissues in the corpora cavernous that decreases production of nitric oxide in the nerves resulting in unable to get firmed penis.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus may cause the dysfunction earlier. The study has proved that men with diabetes for up to 10 years can suffer the dysfunction at their 50s or 60s. It is believed that almost 50% of men with diabetes 1 suffer from the health condition. Men with diabetes mellitus experience the dysfunction due to the onset of atherosclerosis which narrows the arteries and thereby reduces the blood flow in the penis.


Men who are suffering from high blood pressure can suffer from erectile dysfunction. The blood pressure affects the production of nitric oxide that helps firm the penis.

Cardiovascular Diseases, Depression and Anxiety

Men suffering from cardiovascular disease such as high cholesterol level, strokes and heart attacks may lose the power to get firmed penis. Cardiovascular disease increases the risks of atherosclerosis that reduces blood flow and causes erectile dysfunction.

Fighting the dysfunction

Now, you must want to know how to fight the dysfunction. There are various treatments available in the market. Injections, pills and even surgeries can treat it. It’s good to consider oral pills your first option. The health market offers various types of synthetic and herbal pills to choose from. If you don’t want to consult with a physician for this very reason, you can take herbal pills like Herbal V. Herbal medicines are safe. They don’t cause any side effect and you can take a herbal pill to improve your impotence for a long time. Synthetic pills are not considered safe. They may cause side effects. If you want to take synthetic medicines to improve your impotence, you should consider prescribed medicines. If medicines fail to give a good result, you can consult a physician for further treatments like injections. It’s better to consider the surgery a last option.