Hinduism’s View on Masturbation

It is thought that Hinduism is the oldest living and largest religion in the world today, with around a billion followsit is a ‘family’ of mixed traditions. Its philosophyand codes of practice are that sensual pleasures are one of the four human goals in life. Unless a person has made a vow to remain celibate (full stop) Hindus are granted total freedom as far as sexuality is concerned. Kāma meaning desire, wish,affection and/or longing usually is used to refer to a sexual nature… the aesthetic enjoyment of life, however it is only acceptable in a marriage situation. In Hinduism celibacy is one of the main foundations and masturbation is most certainly one of the impediments to sexual purity especially during the four stage of stages of someone’s life in an age based social system, known as Brahmacharya.

The Kama Sutra does not frown upon masturbation at all in fact it is sometimes considered a kind of manual for tantric sex. Even though it is of a different nature it does imply to use caution and warning of the dangers that come with one’s searching for pleasure of the senses. Always remember, though, the Kama Sutra is not a Tantric text and it does not affect the sexual rites related with some forms of the practice.