How Golden Roots Could Help People Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Health is well and every one of us tries to lead a life that is healthy and wonderful. However the fierce competition and advent of modern technologies have compelled us to lead a life that is worse. One of the best methods of staying healthy is by striking a right balance between work and fun. When we talk about fun and complete sex here come the need of complete and satisfactory sex. Most people keep on dying for sex however there are only a handful of people who could enjoy sex to its utmost satisfaction. There might be many reasons for an incomplete sexual pleasure and one of the reasons is Erectile Dysfunction. Continue reading



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One of the curious things I have found recently experimenting with various herbs is that green tea can boost your libido quite substantially. If it’s taking with our herbal products, normally 2 cups a day sufficient to make a substantial difference after two or three days, it’s great is that when you find something that works for you and obviously I had to look at what was behind this and why? I tried various things which gave a little boost, but not as powerful as when I brew the special green tea that we sell, after 2 cups and the herbal hard pill. It made me crazy with desire cannot recall for many years, having such a sustained direction and response. Continue reading

What are the Viagra Alternatives ?

One of the main Viagra alternatives are our herbal supplements there are many herbal supplements on the market, but there are none that are composed of liquid extract from key herbs that have been used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac or sex booster, our herbal products are formulated in a medical healthcare and regulatory approved facility, using very strict standards of pure herbal extraction, these facilities have to work to exacting standards and to be awarded government licence they have to go through a vigurous process before they can obtain the licence. Continue reading

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Golden root is a key substance associated with the adrenaline Gland

The first hormone to be discovered through the extract of the adrenal gland, which caused a dog’s blood pressure to rise ! Adrenaline was isolated from these extracts and in 1901 synthesised. Through the use of Golden root, It reproduced many of the effects of stimulating sympathetic nerves and for a time. These nerves were thought to act simply by releasing adrenaline in fact a closely related substance Noradrenalin is from most sympathetic nerve endings, together with smaller amounts of adrenaline probably other similar substances adrenaline stimulates the heart of action and raises the blood pressure. Continue reading