What does Testosterone in Men do? The most important Male hormone

The role of testosterone in males is essential, it effects almost every part of their body. It even plays a vital role pre-natal and determines the gender of the developing embryo. It is responsible for the development of the sex organs, the prostate gland and even the brain and in infant boys and their ‘brain masculinization’. During their adolescent years, the reason for their muscle increase, deepening of their voice, oily skin, development of their sex organs etc. is due to a surge of testosterone production. Once males have reached adulthood they will continue to produce normal levels of testosterone throughout their lives.

As men reach their 40’s there will be a decline in testosterone which is why they may start to experience low libido, decreased energy and an accumulation of visceral fat. Those who do actually start to notice any of these symptoms may have their confidence knocked and think that they have a problem but in actual fact the real culprit is ‘low testosterone’ levels. Providing that there are no reasons for the low libido symptoms like a condition or disease there are things that you can do help keep those testosterone level topped up. Always remember:

  • Your diet… very important! A diet rich in the healthy fats, protein, antioxidants, selenium, vitamin D and Zinc (this particular mineral is the crucial for its production). So eating foods which are healthy… meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, beans, fruit, yogurt, nuts etc. It’s not rocket science just be good to yourself.
  • Stay active… exercise regularly. If weightlifting is not your thing then go swimming, ride a bike, do power walking (jogging is not good for the joints) anything that is muscle building it will produce testosterone and keep your levels topped up.
  • Your weight. Keep your weight at a normal level, it all helps! Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone, so this can be an important trick!
  • Supplements. There are also herbal supplements which can manipulate those glands to produce more testosterone in a natural way, Herbalhard is a Viagra alternative which not only helps to elevate levels of dopamine but is a natural way to increase testosterone, Google these herbs in Herbalhard male tonic.
  • or there’s the easy alternative is the pharmaceutical drugs, like Viagra, which are specifically designed to do the job for you. Obviously natural is better!
  • Reduce Stress. These days it can be hard to get away from it, but honestly try. Do something you enjoy and/ or take your mind off things each day – even if it’s just for 15mins.

So at the end of it all we know how to keep fit and live healthily it’s just doing it and keeping it up that can sometimes be a problem.