What does Testosterone, Phytoestrogens and Oestrogen in Women do?

Men produce up to 8 times more testosterone than women, it is known as the male hormone but it plays an important role in women’s bodies too. Testosterone is a steroid hormone and comes from a group called androgens, in other words it produces male characteristics. In women ‘Testosterone’ is better known as ‘Oestrogen’, and women produce large amounts of it throughout their lives (just like men with testosterone).

Hormones are basically chemical messengers that travel around the body by bodily fluids. Oestrogen is an entire class of related hormones, it includes 3 oestrogens produced by female at different times of her life and they are called Oestriol, Oestradiol, and Oestrone. Now… Oestriol is produced in significant amounts in the placenta and is only used during pregnancy, it is important for the development of the foetus. Later on in a woman’s childbearing years the primary sex hormone produced is called Oestradiol. This hormone is important for sexual and reproductive development and then the ongoing physiological maintenance of them, and so on.

Oestrogen, (produced by men too!) is considered to play a significant role in women’s general health in many ways. Women suffer less from any kind of heart disease because it maintains the delicate balance of infection and protection of the arteries. Oestrogen has anti-inflammatory properties too and so is needed for the immune system and promotes wound healing. It is why after menopause there is an accelerated loss of bone mass due to a deficiency of it, Oestrogen is cut by 50% and so it has a profound effect on the bones. Also due to the gradual withdrawal of Oestrogen at menopause may cause mood fluctuations and even depression.

How can you prevent menopause? Well… you can’t but there are things you can do to help yourself. In the West hot flushes, loss of libido and mood swings are seen almost as an inevitable accompaniment to the menopause and yet women in Asia and Japan rarely experience any symptoms at all. The reason for this lies in their diet – they have a diet rich in plant based foods which are in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens have a similar chemical structure to Oestrogen and bind Oestrogen receptors which act like hormone regulators. Phytoestrogens have naturally occurring compounds which mimic Oestrogens activities. Phytoestrogens have also shown to reduce hot flushes and osteoporosis, and even reduce cases of breast colon and womb cancers.

The main thing is to lead a healthy life, do that by maintaining a normal weight by exercising and have a diet rich in fruit vegetables and protein… meat, chicken and fish are great sources of them.

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We all know how to do it! You don’t need something like a new year’s resolution to do start… there’s no time like the present.