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Effects of long-term consumption of Sidenafil?

If you use any type of Sildenafil pill such as Herbal "V" Alternative every day, instead on a as need basis, this may help to restore and promote normal erectile function by promoting Knightley erections these are the findings presented to the American your illogical Association, at their 99th meeting

consumption of sidenafil

There seem to be some beneficial effects on endothelial cells says Frank Sommer, it's just sleep (medical doctor) he said when talking to the press at a recent conference that nightly erections, promote healthy blood cells and provide added oxygenation to the penis and will also help reduce collagen levels, nightly intakes of sildenfil facilitates erections while sleeping, the research that is being studied is being carried out by Dr Mulhall and Dr Sommer they are associate professors at the wheel medical College of Cornell, New York USA he is also the director of sexual medicine in the urology departments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre.

He stated at the recent conference that the problem is they do not know how frequently the group that take it as and when needed take it weekly or monthly this would be useful to know he said it would also be useful to carry out a study to see how many erections the users were receiving on a weekly basis, he stated that would be great to carry out a study may be on a larger scale and longer term to see what the response is on erecto-genic treatment, he also stated we could carry out a study where we find out who they are, how long they have suffered from erectile dysfunction, their age, and other genetic factors, erectogenic treatment is a new treatment which opens up many possibilities in restoring normal erectile function



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