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Does Size Matter?

Common misconceptions.

We have been dealing with 1000,s of customers for quite a few years and it never ceases to amaze me of the misunderstandings and misconceptions of people's ideas about the most natural thing in the world i.e. sex and making love, one of the most frequent questions is……

Does size matter?



Read more about Jonah Falcon following links

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What is the smallest documented penis of an adult male in the world when erect?

The smallest documented penis of a adult male when erect was 1 cm

this belongs to a Chinese made of 28 years old who lives in Pennsylvania USA

As a final piece of advice for all you red-blooded males out there…there is no need to worry as the saying goes…

“one size fits all”!”!





This is not to say you have to become a lesbian it just means concentrate on your technique whether you are small or large and your mother will have the best time she has ever have!

One of the most important things to remember is that a woman normally reaches orgasm more easily by clitoral stimulation any woman will tell you this, the problem men have with clitoral stimulation is that quite often they don't know where it is because it is a very small organ on the exterior therefore you should get your partner to show you where and how they want to be stimulated by the clitoris, mostly it is a very sensitive organ and most men are too heavy-handed with the clitoris this is why using the Tongue would be much more successful in most cases, because the Tong is far more sensitive than the finger, that is not to say you cannot bring a woman easier to orgasm with the finger but you just need to apply the correct technique which can often be learnt or taught to you by your partner!!

What is the largest documented penis and the world?

The well documented largest penis is owned by Jonah Falcon he's been measured at 13.5 inches that's the size of a wine bottle! It certainly would give lots of men something to brag about in the showers :-)

strangely enough his large size has made him unhappy with the ladies, they've complained about it being too painful to take it! Ouch!!

Everything about Falcon is average in size apart from his member!

(see picture above)

These about 5'8" in height, with an average build, he's got average size feet, and average sized hands, he said that unfortunately all the way through junior high school he was the object of much fascination especially when wearing this gym shorts, he said I am so average nobody notices me to like my bicycle tight shorts and then I get lots of stares.

Even when flaccid his penis is 9.5 inches in length! Is large penis has made him a chat show host in America, lots of people have tried to get him to become a porn star but so far he has managed to avoid this.


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