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Physiology of erections

Erections are very complex processes that involve the nervous system of the peripheral, they also involve hormonal aspects as well as the vascular systems of the body.

when you get an abnormality involving these systems even if it's from medication age or disease it has quite an impact on the body's ability to create and sustain an erection

this could also affect the ability to experience orgasms as well as the effect it might have on premature ejaculation, the filling of the cavernous bodies which are mostly vascular, depends on hormones and mechanisms operating at various levels of the physical body do unique this aerial functions also requires important import from the neurological aspect of the brain.

Some of the pathways involved in the erectile functionality depend on the amount of contraction of the very important corpus cavernosal all the smooth muscle this determines the function of the state of the member.

the nitric oxide sometimes called the NO is of critical importance to the pathway in the psychological possibilities involving the erection in the male.

Nitric oxide is the key chemical in this process, nitric oxide is produced by the enzyme oxide synthase, these are been identified as various genes that are produced in the body, nitric oxide plays a different but important role in different parts of the body is considered constitutive because they tend to be similar in the biochemical features for instance they are dependent on calcium and require calmodulin, also they produce phosphate for catalytic activity they are competitive but unfortunately they can be inhibited with Arginine derivatives.

L are Janine is one of the basic amino acids it's subtypes produce nitric oxide by oxidisation normally circulating in the blood can be found in cells which can be synthesised from oral ingestion concentrations of L are Janine in cells exceeds that in circulation indigenous of this pathway blockers of being identified

Nitric oxide is a gaseous substance and when it is produced it can act also as a neurotransmitter or messenger biologically it has a half life of five seconds which is quite amazing when you consider the importance of nitric oxide

We can alter nitric oxide levels by some of the following methods we could administer nitric oxide directly taking the form of the gas can administrate in the form of nitrates

we could produce ace and this could produce an increase the production of nitric oxide within the cells

There is evidence amassing that would indicate nitric oxide can have an impact on sexual behaviour and therefore can exert its effects on the sex organs nitric oxide Axon the medial preoptic area which is associated with the paraventricular nucleus if nitric acid is injected as an inhibitor it's been known to subdue the erectile response in rats !

Until recently it was not realised that the process of erections only represented a single component now it is obvious that the system depends on the peripheral nerves the importance of vascular supply and least understood biochemical events within the corpora

In addition the response to tactile, visual stimuli and olfactory responses play an important role in the hypothalamic and limbic pathways

Erectile dysfunction is basically the vascular disease, it's often associated with other medical problems such as diabetes, Which can be the cause of hypertension and increasingly artery disease.

Other medical conditions that will affect the erectile ability of the penis are not only physiologic but can be psychologically effective as well in being treated for depression lack of confidence, of course this is important to diagnose because if you have reduced nerve function calls through ageing, hypertension and smoking can cause all these problems which damage the vascular system including diabetes if you have circulatory problems this will result in structural changes in penile tissues of the natural course of ageing insufficiency of blood flow and effective smooth muscle relaxation all specific conditions which need treating independently.

It is not realised until lately that many of these conditions have been cause through medications taken for other ailments these of course impotence or erectile dysfunction which is often the side-effects of some medications this is often the effect of many commonly prescribed medications trauma also can affect the vascular components leading to erectile dysfunction the man is not sleeping well this can have a consequential effect in penile erections during sleep, many men have multiple factors and medical problems that interfere with the normal functioning of erections,

it is very difficult for the medical profession to diagnose in most men the reason why they have erectile dysfunction, the mechanisms are varied and many. once an erection is achieved the flow of blood in and out ceases, if the valves prevent the outflow of blood and damaged and this can give way to erectile dysfunction.

In United States sexual dysfunction is a major problem in both men and women in the Massachusetts ageing study this of the survey of men between the ages of 70 and 40 years 54% of these admitted to erectile difficulty some had a total inability to maintain an erection during the sex act many reported the absence of nighttime erections this occurred in approximately 12% of the people surveyed the people who had moderate erectile dysfunction totalled 18 to 24% of the people surveyed

Age was the main factor in the studies between the ages of 20 and 6110% of men were unable to achieve erections in their past 12 months it's estimated that 17 million to 38,000,000 men are affected by ED in the USA surprisingly 30% of men between the ages of 17 and 55 said they experienced premature ejaculation and 18% didn't have any interest in sex 20% said they experienced anxiety every time they had sex 9% got no pleasure from sex at all strangely enough because of the ageing population there is an increase directly in line with ED which is resulted from vascular disease diabetes and other vascular problems

This is in line with other worldwide and estimates and surveys, it is being suggested that there needs to be with each patient a thorough psychological and medical history assessment before any medication is given this will assist in the successful treatments, it's also important to note that both partners get satisfaction from the sex act and not just one partner rapid ejaculation usually occurs in men younger than 35 years this is a big problem with the couple's relationship often resulting in stress and unfulfilled relationship is suggested that they seek sex so be if they suffer from premature ejaculation

Type of subjects which should be discussed are the length of period this problem has existed as a person's partner died or left the relationship last year as a sexual desire diminished

was this due to poor performance in the bedroom you have any performance anxiety issues is there are plenty of foreplay occurring to the maintenance of an erection be a problem do you experience any pain or discomfort when you ejaculate? Also look at penile curvature and see if Peroni disease could be the problem what is your frequency of intercourse you both agree on the frequency of your intercourse has any treatments been tried? Will a successful and what were the to have any religious issues and sex are you confident whilst making love do you have a sexual unsatisfactory love life other than the inability to maintain an erection these are typical questionnaires which should be directed at the patient before treatment commences

Really a sedentary lifestyle contributes to ED whilst exercise has the opposite effect of being beneficial to these cardiovascular system a lot of data indicate that men who have regular exercise have a much lower rate of Idi but funnily enough there is in this increased risk for men who takes cycling as an exercise, although it has to be said that providing cycling does not involve long hours spent in the saddle so to speak them should be no increase in ED

Half the men over the age of 58 years old suffered some form of vascular disease or arterial disease

Studies have shown that over 60% of men undertaking radiation treatment are tended to lose erectile function within eight years after completing therapy fortunately many of the PDE – five inhibitors will solve this problem nerve damage to the penis after prostate surgery can be a cause of erectile dysfunction although the specialist undertaking the prostate surgery normally would take this into consideration

Obviously it depends on the age of the patient and the reason for the surgery the older you are the less chance you have of maintaining erectile function the PDE – five inhibitors give men younger than 70 years a 15 to 18% chance of preserving their sex lives after trying these PDE five inhibitors.these inhibitors assist the improvements of erectile function due to the increase in blood flow to the sex organs which in turn actually over a period of time seem to have proven that they can enforce percent of men completely cure many erectile dysfunction problems

Some of the other things that can cause rectal dysfunction are listed below : Epilepsy Haringey/ multiple sclerosis Alzheimer's disease liver cirrhosis diabetes mellitus diabetes hypertension sleep apnoea anxiety mental aberrations and psychological traumas tiredness antiulcer agents A inhibitors lowering cholesterol drugs procedures on the brain and spinal cord sickle cell anaemia leukaemias sink deficiency antipsychotic drugs antiulcer drugs



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