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Are Your Expectations Real?


Some 21st Century expectations

We live in a society that is increasingly saturated with sexual images in advertising, the media and music videos. This has been termed the "pornification" of everyday life.

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The increased widespread access to cheap and free pornography through the internet and hardcore pornographic DVDs has brought a new level of "awareness" (and arousal) of sexually explicit acts and products to ever increasing numbers of people.In itself no bad thing.

Expextations realThis is combined with a society that is driven by economic success as an artificial measure of our worth as human beings. Men and women have to perform - as workers, parents, and lovers. To admit to weakness or vulnerability is often seen as failure not just a normal part of human existence. Often this dovetails with traditional ideas of what it means to be a real man or real woman. Is it any wonder men and women suffer from performance anxiety and insecurity when it comes to sex?

The pace of life seems to grow ever quicker - in a society that increasingly demands everything to happen instantaneously (from broadband access to fast food) and wants quick fix to problems:


Our understanding of what is expected of us as people has changed and become distorted.

It is no surprise we compare ourselves (often subconsciously) to those smiling adverts of perfect lives on TV; or adverts for that new sexy sports car. Or, the muscle clad, gods of porn with huge penises who have sex with everyone for hours, never cumming to the final scene; or, the silicon enhanced women who take it everyway imaginable and love just being cum on repeatedly (NOT!)

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry selling fiction and fantasy as real sex. Don't forget that virtually every porn film is highly contrived, selective in editing and shooting, to only show you what they want you to see.

Think about it?

If this is shaping what you are expecting from your sex and love life you could well have an understandable but very unrealistic view of what the real world and real human sex is like.

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