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HerbalHim Herbs

Avena Sativa (Common oat)
Although Oats have been cultivated as a staple food crop for thousands of years, they also have a number of notable therapeutic properties. Observations on the health promoting and stimulating effects of Avena Sativa were first documented around 200 years more...

A small flowering shrub first used by the Maya civilization and now grown extensively in South America. Damiana is a centuries-old aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, antiseptic and diuretic therapy. more...
Mucuna Pruriens
A popular herb of Ayurvedic Indian medicine, the active ingredient in Mucuna Pruriens produces dopamine, a key neurotransmitter in the control of sexual function. more...

Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng)
Ginseng has been used therapeutically in Chinese medicine and Native American cultures for thousands of years. It is renown for enhancing physical and mental endurance. more...

Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris has traditionally been used as a major constituent in various tonics of Indian ayurveda practice and is now widely recognized as having aphrodisiac properties. more...

Withania Somnifera
Revered in Indian herbal medicine as ginseng is in Chinese medicine, Withania Somnifera is renown for its longevity enhancing and sexually stimulating properties. more...

Herbal Chemists Online ltd in association with our trained, certified and qualified medical herbalists have created two powerful, effective natural sex-tonics to boost the libido and increase sexual response for both men and women.

All our products are formulated by professionally trained and accredited medicinal herbalists, before being produced by the UK's leading organic natural laboratory using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Our products are a safe and effective ©viagra alternative.

HerbalHard™ has offices in

Florida USA.

Manchester England.UK.

Mullumbimby, New South
Wales, Australia.

Our business was formed to give your sexual health a helping-hand - because we view sexuality as an essential part of living an enjoyable and healthy physical, emotional and mental life.