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Herbs in today's society


Why are so many people interested in herbal cures? 20 years ago most health practitioners would have said that people who used herbs were poorly educated in fact this is quite the opposite the study by researchers at Stanford University revealed that consumers of alternative therapies tend to be highly educated, these consumers like to find an alternative to chemical concoctions, they like to use herbs minerals, vitamins essential oils and other techniques first because they work! In fact a lot of these herbal cures and alternative medicines are not new discoveries quite the contrary they are and have been proven over thousands of years with various societies.

Many of today's doctors are using herbs as well with good results, there are more than 600 doctors in the UK on the register of the faculty of homoeopathy, and it is calculated that over 2000 GPs refer patients to homoeopathy centres.
so these days if you catch a cold virus your doctor may well advise you to take herbal remedies rather than chemical cures.

All our herbal remedies formulated by medical herbalists with a five-year university degree in medical homeopaty, the herbal remedies we sell are made from pure organic where possible herbs, and they are manufactured in a MHRA Government approved facility

Herbs were the first drugs that we humans have our disposal, our ancestors learned over time which plants harm them and which plants seem to help them they developed ways to preserve and extract the healing compounds from these plants, all over the world most societies have some great knowledge about local plants that can do them good, in many cases ancient civilisation learned about treating illnesses with herbs because they had to use them and there are no other means for a cure and so therefore they have been proven correct and stood the test of time,
There is an amazing array of medicine and plants. The modern herbal chemist seems far removed from its natural roots, you can take herbs as capsules or liquids or sprays you can use products that contain combinations of herbs of compounds that have been chemically isolated from herbs and highly concentrated and you can buy these products have many places in health food stores and conventional chemists and of course over the Internet.

What is a herb people ask? I herb is any plant material that is used to alleviate unwanted symptoms or boost overall health, herbal medicine then is the use of plants plant extracts or plant preparations to improve health, there are two fundamental principles that herbal medicine shares with other alternative therapies, one is a concept of working with the body instead of against a disease as mainstream medicine does rather than killing germs alternative therapies seek to enhance the bodies innate ability to fight disease and return itself to health that's why practitioners of many alternative therapies including herbal medicine put an emphasis on diet and exercise deep relaxation and Massage the other principal common to many alternative therapies is the use of medical plants instead of pharmaceutical drugs, while medical plants and pharmaceutical drugs are often viewed as opposites they actually have a good deal in common.



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