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Don’t remember the last time you got “really turned on” with your lover and partner? It’s possible you are suffering from low libido and sex drive.

your sex drive

Many problems of erectile dysfunction are not just caused by ill health and old age but there maybe psychological factors that can have a big effect on your libido, taking our Herbalhard blue pills or Herbalhard organic herbal liquid may help , but we have in conjunction with a professional medical hypnotist , produced the “Rise and Shine” audio CD it is also great for relaxing use were ever you are.


Here are some common sex drive reducers :

Relationship problems

Unresolved relationship issues, can play havoc with your love life and before you take Sex pills/Cilais/Herbal "V" Alternative/or blue pills it's important that major differences need to be sorted out if you want to have intimacy that you want shared and the affection with your partner or wife/husband bad communication, infidelity, arguments that never seem to end and other relationship – issues should be eliminated so that both parties can get back their sexual desire.


Stress problems

Some people can perform under intense pressure, in the case of sexual performance, stress is not a help with sexual performance. Everyone has stress problems from time to time, such as stress at work, financial problems, you could have a family member in hospital, or simply a busy lifestyle, your eating habits may be poor? If these are possible causes of low libido both you and your Lover/Partner should consult a experiencing counselling, preferably a sex therapist may be other to help you with your problems and advise you on managing your stress, they can teach you to work towards a better relationship and lifestyle, and to find really useful exercises for you both to carry out.



Lots of people drink alcohol and have successful sex lives, but as the saying goes it's quality that counts not quantity let's face it a couple of drinks date you feel sexier and relaxed, but you shouldn't need to drink every time before sex to relax you, if you do then there maybe underlying cause.Many people think alcohol is a aphrodisiac they couldn't be more wrong why she does is in the long-term lower your libido and you might end up having unsatisfactory sex, this would be the case also for recreational drugs and other libido boosters not


Not sleeping enough

Being tired I'm not sleeping enough is a great sex life and sex drive, killer! Let's face it when you go to bed if you start snoring within a few minutes you're not going to feel like sex, sometimes it's sleep or insomnia which can be the problem? You have to overcome these problems before you can get back your sex drive because worrying about things that might happen before you go to bed just kills your sex drive, so why not go to bed with a meditation tape before your partner comes to bed and relax and get in the mood, or play some sexy music? You will perform and feel much sexier if you have had your quota of sleep, having sex will certainly help you to sleep better.


Prescription drugs

the side-effects of many medications lower the libido, if your doctor has prescribed them ask them if they effect your sex life can they prescribe something that would not! For instance many blood pressure drugs/painkillers/antidepressants/anti-HIV drugs/synthetic progesterone/etc etc all affect your sex life and sex drive, so looking these closely before taking.



You may not feel that you are sexy enough to look at or that you don't turn your partner on, this is called poor body image and can bring on low self-esteem, and other psychological conditions linked with low libido, although many people with obesity have satisfactory sex lives many more do not not try and develop a positive body image, and look at all the plus points rather than the negative points of your body. Most importantly try and lose some weight, by dieting and exercising this alone will make you feel sexier and more desirable.


You may suffer from low testosterone

Many men and women don't realise how important testosterone is to your sex drive, if you have low testosterone your libido can be very low, so get this checked out by a doctor or health care professional, There are many drugs and herbal remedies that can resolve this problem quite quickly, but I give medical advice before treatment, testosterone will boost your sex drive if you have a low-level in the first place, our Herbalhard/Herbalhim liquid is a great testosterone and sex drive booster.


Mood swings and depression

Depression can take away your energy levels and destroy your sex drive, it's normal for is all to get depressed sometimes particularly after hearing some bad news or not being able to achieve our goals.You must seek out a solution for depression by consulting your doctor or health care professional, once your depression is under control, you can then find a solution for low libido much easier, and rule out that depression is causing many of your libido/sex drive problems


Solve these problems and have great sex today here’s why!! Boost your immune system

Sex really does give your immune system a boost ! True or false? Saying you have a headache my not be such a bad thing after all a great number of physicians have now recognised how our sexual health will affect our body! You might ask how can that be? Well… how our brain reacts,affects our immune system and psychological health, we know for a fact that the more people that enjoy regular sex have a much healthier outlook on life and a much happier and healthy than people who have no sex, in other words if you enjoy regular orgasms and satisfying sex life is generally in better health mentally and emotionally, it's been proved that many people who have sexual dissatisfaction, are more prone to heart problems and bad health, there are also claims that sexually contented people have less severe headaches, and reduced arthritis in both men and women.




Herbal Chemists Online ltd in association with our trained, certified and qualified medical herbalists have created two powerful, effective natural sex-tonics to boost the libido and increase sexual response for both men and women.

All our products are formulated by professionally trained and accredited medicinal herbalists, before being produced by the UK's leading organic natural laboratory using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Our products are a safe and effective ©viagra alternative.

HerbalHard™ has offices in

Florida USA.

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Wales, Australia.

Our business was formed to give your sexual health a helping-hand - because we view sexuality as an essential part of living an enjoyable and healthy physical, emotional and mental life.