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Herbal Viagra , Male Health Tonic

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Sex and Health Tonic for Males
This special offer is for a 100 mm liquid bottle of herbal viagra for men which is up to 15 to 20 days’ supply when taken at 5 ml a day and includes a bonus of four extra strength Herbalhard pills, which will give you that "extra power you need on the night", the pills help to give you much harder erections with increased orgasms, and the liquid will increase your semen volume and give you greater staying power. Herbalhim is an effective sex tonic and helps boost your libido. Herbalhim is a natural and safe combination of male organic herbs which help to improve your ability to get and sustain an erection. It does this by elevating natural levels of testosterone which is the key hormone in the male, it’s also (with the ginkgo biloba) helps to increase the blood circulation to your vital organs particularly the sexual organs, at the same time elevating levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and the herbs have Dopamine inducing properties that at the same time boosting the immune system and increasing the health or maintaining the health of the prostate.



Herbal Viagra Sex Tonic For Males


HerbalHim is an effective sex tonic and powerful libido booster for Men.
It is a natural, safe complimentary combination of powerful organic herbs to help improve a man's ability to get and sustain an erection.
Herbalhim does this by gently raising natural levels of the primary sex-drive hormone (testosterone), increases blood circulation to sexual organs, elevates levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and has dopamine inducing properties, while also boosting the immune system and aiding a healthy prostate.

HerbalHim is not a Viagra, Cialis or Levitra - these do not boost or enhance your libido - while HerbalHim does.

It works in harmony with your body and mind as a natural remedy to support your sexual health with natural aphrodisiac ingredients that have been used for thousands of years.

Where does HerbalHim come from?

HerbalHim has been formulated by qualified registered medical herbalists and is produced by one of the UK's most respected herbal pharmacies and laboratories.

Our herbalists are registered members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists This is the leading professional organization representing herbal medicine practitioners. They ensure that strict guidelines are met regarding safety, training and ethics. An accredited medicinal herbalist is trained in the same diagnostic skills as a mainstream doctor but takes a more holistic approach to treating underlying problems as well as symptoms.

HerbalHim in conjunction with its suppliers endorses strict quality controls regarding purity, strength and composition, to ensure that the herbs are free of contaminants. Our producers are approved members of the
Organic Farmers and Growers in Great Britain - a leading organic production certification body, who are themselves accredited by the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) . Again maintaining the most stringent guidelines in production and processing of ingredients.

PREPARATION The HerbalHim formula is prepared in a tincture (of ethanol and water) to maintain the purity of the ingredients, as they are already in a pure liquid form after a careful cold percolation process. It also helps the body absorb the ingredients more easily.

Tablets/ capsules are often used for the convenience of the producer and distributor as they are much easier and cheaper to package and ship. While it is true tablets/ capsules can hide the taste of supplements and chemicals it is rare for tablets to be pure substances and include excipients (an inactive ingredient). These are used as a carrier for the active ingredients and can include binders (to hold the tablet together), glidants (flow aids) to ensure efficient tabletting, lubricants to stop ingredients clumping together, disintegrants to help the tablet to break up in the digestive tract, sorbents to help keep tablets dry, preservatives, fillers/ diluents to increase bulk volume, gelatin made as a byproduct from the meat and leather industry (mainly pork skin or cattle bones and hide), flavorings to help mask the taste of the ingredients, and even coloring to make the tablet/ capsule more visually attractive. Of course, the active ingredients must also be turned into powder form to be included - another step away from the purity of the ingredient.

Is it safe? The HerbalHim formula has no known side effects and yet makes your hard-on harder. It is made from natural ingredients that have been tried and tested in Indian Ayurvedic, Native American and Chinese traditional medicine through its use by native healers for centuries.

Also, although regular use is recommended, you don't need to take our tonic continually only when you want a libido boost.
The Herbalhard liquid and pills we will send you are so good and effective, that if your not happy after trying it, just return what you have for a refund.

Order Now you'll be delighted !!

For added Security and Privacy we will send your order the same working day, in a plain padded package with no idea as to the contents.





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Herbal Viagra , Male Health Tonic

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Herbal Viagra , Male Health Tonic

Herbalhard Tonic makes me feel more sexy with more energy,the pills give me a hard on quicker and harder ! Very good product, fast delivery, will buy some more!!! George London

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Herbal Chemists Online ltd in association with our trained, certified and qualified medical herbalists have created two powerful, effective natural sex-tonics to boost the libido and increase sexual response for both men and women.

All our products are formulated by professionally trained and accredited medicinal herbalists, before being produced by the UK's leading organic natural laboratory using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Our products are a safe and effective ©viagra alternative.

HerbalHard™ has offices in

Florida USA.

Manchester England.UK.

Mullumbimby, New South
Wales, Australia.

Our business was formed to give your sexual health a helping-hand - because we view sexuality as an essential part of living an enjoyable and healthy physical, emotional and mental life.